Pieces for your most cherished memories in the making.

Our Story

Premonition Goods is an online mercantile featuring high-quality handmade goods to wear, use, and gift, inspired by the untold stories and loving craftsmanship of timeless heirlooms. Thoughtfully curated with versatility in mind, our goods are meant to be passed down and adored through generations as you build a life you love regardless of what’s trending. 

Created with intention and purpose by Hunter + Cameron Premo, Premonition Goods celebrates legacy, memory, and tradition—both the traditions from which you come and the ones you create for yourself, as you trust your intuition and your own unique magic. Premonition Goods supplies pieces for your most cherished memories in the making.


High school sweethearts & Nashville natives, Hunter and Cameron Premo are quite the creative couple. Hunter has been a lifestyle content creator for 6+ years and has enjoyed cultivating a community online. Not only does Cameron shoot all of her content for well-known brands, but he is also an experienced photographer in his own right shooting professionally for clients ranging from country music superstars to international brands.

As they started a family and grew in their careers, they realized that they wanted to build something together that they could hand down to their kids…something they could really play a role in developing and be proud of. Premonition Goods is a labor of love that they’ve been building since 2020, taking their time to be intentional about what they do and how they do it.

Premonition Goods was born from Hunter’s desire to curate a selection of wide-brimmed hats—a wardrobe staple for her—and it grew into so much more. They took their time searching out artisans who make high-quality, handmade goods, and thoughtfully put together a collection of pieces that you can wear, use, or gift, pieces that celebrate craftsmanship, tradition, expression, story, and legacy.

At Premonition Goods we are all about those everyday heirlooms. We are a mercantile for memorable, hand-picked, timeless goods that are meant to be built into your memories in the making. 

Premonition Goods is a collection of everyday heirlooms, goods meant to be passed down and adored through generations, things that help you honor the traditions from which you come and the ones you create for yourself. We can’t wait for you to make your own memories alongside us.


At its core, Premonition Goods was created around pieces that are meant to last…everyday heirlooms. We decided to make sustainability a core value for our products, and especially for the wide-brimmed hats that started it all. 

Our hats are created with high-quality goods using low-impact materials. In particular, wool is a low-impact fiber that’s 100% natural, renewable, and biodegradable. It takes less water and energy to produce, it doesn’t contribute to microplastic pollution, and it’s long-lasting—if taken care of properly, this hat can be handed down to the next generation. 

Including our hat collection, we hand-pick and curate every piece available in our mercantile with an emphasis on craftsmanship, quality, versatility, and longevity. These goods are meant to become part of your most cherished memories in the making, and we believe that begins with a high standard of quality.